The Process of  Removing Dents Using Different PDR Tools and Techniques

This dent repair is made on the Porsche front wing when a door frame post fell against it from the garage. So I will show you the process of  removing the dent through the different tools and techniques in paintless dent repair. The crease line runs down just below and above the dent. We have the high spots also known as a crown so it gives plenty of tapping down work , plenty of blending and some pushing  from the inside.

 The customer has been quoted £700 plus from a local  body shop and was advised that the best way is to have paintless dent repair. Paintless dent removal  is the best way to remove any dent that did not damage the paint work. So taking a dent out saves the customer a lot of  money while keeping the integrity of this vehicle which is very important. I am really hopeful we are gonna get it at 100%.

PDR saves Porsche

PDR saves Porsche

First, remove the headlamp because the crease is on the inside. Hopefully that  break doesn't get in our way too much. You can see the inside area but we should be able to get in this  section. 

Second, since it is difficult to get a wide tip on it, I will use a smaller tip and just gently push it  out from the inside. We need to get to the center so we can only push to be getting that line

Third, finish it  with bars and rods and take a bit of a chance with the paintwork.

Fourth, try and just do a glue pool using a gang green  tab.Just put a line of glue on it in line with the crease  and give that a gentle pull with a slide hammer without taking the paint off. You will see how some of the dents  started to push out while we push from the inside and it's fairly soft.

Fifth,  using a leverage block which is brilliant for this repair. We're gonna use this for leverage using the big open space and use extension bars to reach the dent and have more  control. It gives just the right height to get to the repair needed and  the right position.

Sixth, check the dent with the line board. Adjust the high-tech leverage blocks around, get in and sort of twist it with just a right angle to still get the center of the dent.

Seventh, on this section of the dent just take out the depth of it and now this section which is a bit tight needs plenty more heat and a bit more tapping around. Each time you tap and down a high crown is softening  the metal or pushing the metal back.

Eight, working on those crowns and  ridges is key during the removal to make sure it's a nice even repair at the end. The finishing process is done with a bit of blending taking out some of the kind of ripples that were there leveled out.

Ninth,  there's still just a couple  of tiny little low spots in there  so we default back to this very old tool to just get  underneath the low and just lift those tiny little bits up. Heat up the panel ,leave off  the wooden blocks and just really gently do it with precision, finding the center of that low spot and just pushing it up one at a time.

Tenth, adding an extension  piece gives a little bit more reach and also some more leverage. So you can see the reflection of the lines  on the board and as we zoom in a little bit closer you can really start to see the tool tip is right behind the point where these lines  are pinching together and it's a gradual process lifting up that low removing the dent finished with a little bit of blending before giving that polish.

Just a Recap

The tools used for this repair starts off with a slide hammer; glue gun; Methylated spirits used to take the glue out the main hammer; blending hammer; two bars ; tape;  different tips , line board, hairdryer; grip clamp and those trusty blocks of wood.

So that's it for the day the repairs come out really well and we've saved this customer a lot of money. With paintless dent removal there was no filler,no paint work used which kept the original value of this car.


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