Prevent Wing Blow Out

Few people use tools for preventing the wing blowing out when pushing  repairs. A DIY Trigger clamp from a DIY hardware store will stop them and it's a great little bit of kit. I purchased for £12.50 which is not a lot of money, but very helpful.

You can get a couple of them because they are adjustable and there are smaller ones and big sturdy ones as well. What I am using is a little bit of a DIY kit that I’ve used for the first time on a  wing repair and it's really nice and sturdy!

Trigger clamp

So the wing I'm working on is quite a large hard hit that is taken in this whole section. Pushing this way it started to keep the pan around by using this tool I'm able to pick that one side of the tire turn it around to focus in there.But basically the other end of that is pointing down to the other side of the tire and as I squeeze, the clamp is now holding the wing for me.

The Takeaway

This clamp holds it all in place so this is a really good piece of equipment which is definitely worth having in your tool box. This tool is just nice and cheap and very useful every time you're doing these wing repairs. It's just gonna hold it nice and sturdy and prevent that sort of wing blowing out or kink in as you put pressure behind it.

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