What Not To Do with a Keco Slapper

This short video will teach you what not to do with a Keco slapper. This happened when I was working on a large dent on a BMW door. It has a suede line with a crown that sits just above the line.  I reached for this Keco which is a really good tool for knocking down large soft crowns. 

The mistake that I made is that I do not look after this tool well enough. I throw it in and out of the tool bag. It gets a lot of movement in my bag as I travel around. The problem is I’ve got  metal rods and different sort of bars in my tool bag. And so this soft plastic or nylon just started to get a little bit scratched up. I didn't realize that when I'm knocking down my crown I'm holding that onto there and I'm wrapping across like that. I'm dragging this piece of plastic across the paintwork as opposed to lifting it in between my taps. Because I was moving so quickly I was just tapping it and dragging it across.

Keco Slapper

It was only when I lifted the Keco slapper afterwards that  I'd actually realize that I made lots of tiny little scratches into the lacquer. Thankfully I was just able to give it a quick flat and polish but it could have gone wrong quickly very badly in terms of their removal if I've damaged their paintwork. 

A Wake Up Call

It was a bit of a wake up call for me in terms of really kind of a bit of really taking care of my tools. So look after your PDR tools and don't make the same mistake as I have made in terms of letting it get rough and then scratching some paintwork.

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