Cross Referencing and Cross-Checking PDR Work

A full repair will illustrate just how much we move around as a PDR technician. Constantly cross referencing and cross-checking our work to really kind of get a good new perspective on the line board or reflection board is very important as we work. 

After five minutes we checked across the body line of the panel. After we warmed up the panel and did a bit of glue pulling around 80% just popped out. Now if the vehicle has age then we can’t just drill a hole. Some technicians would choose to open that door drill a small hole in there to gain access and then pick a cap in there. But to keep the integrity of this vehicle and keep it nice and original we need to spend a bit longer. 

Quick PDR Tip

Tapping down is needed in this kind of repair as  80% of that dent was already out within the first five minutes. A bit of tapping around for about an hour on the blending process on any of the little high lows. Afterwards we need to check left right up and down and look with the line board to see from that perspective. 

Quick Tip

Make sure that we’re getting that line back out to where it should be with a little bit more glue pulling and tapping on tiny little lows to make sure you bring out that line at the very edge of the frame.We move around constantly adjusting the line board. We really need to cross reference and cross check our work. Finish up with a little polish to remove any little marks on the paint and then cross reference once again before finishing.

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