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Watching Back My First Ever Dent Repair Video 10 Years Ago

My First Dent Repair VideoI was just going through some of my old videos. I realized it's been almost 10 years since I did my very first dent repair video. It’s for my dent business TDL repair.

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PDR Tip For The Day: Kneeling Pads

In Learning Paintless Dent Removal Kneeling pads are EssentialThese are pretty useful especially if they are made of thick foam like those you can get from Slim’s Detailing Supplies. There

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You’ve Watched Some PDR Videos But Just Can’t Figure It Out

Buying Paintless Dent Removal Tools does not mean that you can have a go. Even using some techniques you have watched does not guarantee that you can quickly learn the skill to remove dents

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Glue Pulling: Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Do It Properly

Are you wondering why you keep on getting bad results with the glue pulling process? If you are, you might be doing something differently. Here are the things that could happen when you don't

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