Why Check Your Angles?

​One of the most important thing to remember with paintless dent removal is to constantly check your angles. Whether you use a line reflector board or lights it is very important to check the different positions and angles of the dent repair. You have to be 100% sure that you still check towards the end as well. You can get so focused on taking the dent out and focused on that line reflection and think you have got that dent 100% out.

PDR TIPS Check Your Angles

​Checking it from top to bottom, left to right and really having a good look around at the different sides then you can better check that it's completely out. Sometimes it can be a bit deceiving like it's fully out from one angle looking from one angle and if you check from the other angle you may see you've still got a slight high spot. It is also possible that there is a little bit of distortion in there. So remember to check and double check your angles when doing Paintless Dent Removal.

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