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Can You Earn Good Money As A PDR Tech? | PDR Q & A

Playing Football & PDROne of the questions that we see time and time again popping up on Youtube and across social media is “Can you earn good money as a PDR tech?” So in this video,

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Should I Learn PDR? How Long Will It Take? | PDR Q&A

PDR as a Career Choice We are in the middle of the pandemic and it's an uncertain time. I’ve heard a lot about job losses and I've had a couple of inquiries from those who have lost

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Which PDR Training Best Suits You | List of PDR Training Options

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to learning paintless dent removal is getting access to the training. I'm going to lay out a few different options available to you to help you make

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Do You Upsell?

Upselling is an art of tactfully and kindly offering the customer to work on the dents you have observed while working on the current dent repair job for a reduced rate. It is on a reduced rate

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Do You Make Car Dealers Money?

As a PDR technician to owners of a small car dealership do you cost them money or make them money? A very interesting concept or mindset to reassert your confidence and the value of PDR as a

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When to Pull the Centre of a Dent

Do you often have trouble deciding when to start pulling from the centre of a dent? It’s hard to settle the dilemma on whether or not you should pull a dent from the centre or not.Useful Tips

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