So how do you actually finish that last 20% of a dent clean?

How do you then tell your ideal clients, that not only are you capable, but PDR is their best option?

The PDR Path reveals the exact process that I used to quit my full time job and build a successful PDR business that works.

Do any of the following describe your situation?

  • You’ve heard of PDR, you want to give it a try, but you don't know where to start?
  • You've watched loads of videos on YouTube but you still struggle finishing the last 20% of the dent clean
  • You've got some tools and you've already started practicing but you need some help and advice from a real life PDR tech with experience?
  • You've attended a 5 day practical course but you are now left wondering what you should do next?
  • You've tried other online training and it only covers the basics, they didn't share the secrets to actually building a successful PDR business that really works?

Successful businesses don't just happen, they're built on understanding your customers needs and delivering the ultimate customer experience. Here, you'll gain the essential skills to repair dent damage, launch your business with confidence and build up a client base that's sure to bring loyal followers back time and time again. Imagine a passionate base of returning customers who can’t wait to shout about what an incredible experience they had with you!

Along with discovering how to actually remove dent damage, we help you design your website, manage social media accounts and teach you how to build an engaging marketing campaign. 

Our assistance will ensure people know about your dent removal services so get ready for ringing phones, incoming emails and more customers than ever before!

Unlock your full potential and develop your mindset with the PDR Path. We've created this hub to give you exclusive access to everything related to Paintless Dent Repair. Get familiar with our different features and get ready for your personal transformation - join today, hit that button below, and I'll be right by your side helping you take your PDR development further than ever before!

The PDR Path has helped others just like you get started in the PDR Industry, don't just take my word for it, hear what Tom, John and Shane all had to say about their experience.

Shane Robinson
John Hall
Tom Hammond
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Shane Robinson
John Hall
Tom Hammond
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I have made considerable progress since joining…

I have been a member for 6 months. I have made considerable progress since joining. Some of the key features are watching Tom work on the line board. I would say to someone on the fence, “it’s informative and you take the time you need to learn by replaying various topics and sections of items of interest.

”This is Dave’s wife. I am in the field of education and very impressed at how well you convey information.”


LPO Student - UK

You explain it easily and it’s easy to keep up with what you’re showing…

I have now tried your course for glue pulling for some days and I am very pleased with this course. You explain it easily and it’s easy to keep up with what you’re showing. I like also that you are using simple things and not being an equipment junkie like many in PDR.


LPO Student - Norway

I found the videos very helpful and the explanation was clear…

I have been working in the motor industry for 35 years as a mechanic, Service Advisor, Body Shop Manager, Service Manager and I also did some Panel Beating and Spray jobs too, so I can say that I know vehicles inside out.  At the beginning I was looking for some videos to see if I can do the PDR but although I was familiar to this new job I realised that I needed some advice and practice. When I was searching for websites that can give this tutorial I found Learn PDR Online fee was reasonable when compared with other websites which were much more expensive. When I start the training I found the videos very helpful and the explanation was clear which I turned them into practice with every session.. The more practice and revising the videos, the more I was gaining confidence with the job and the more you practice the more you learn as all dents and dings are all different from one to another. Today I have a lot of work to do and the mobile is always ringing thank God and hope it will continue like this.


LPO Student - Malta

Following your(LPO) tips and guidance has helped me very very well…

Your videos and tips have been amazing! I’ve never done any dent removal before and following your tips and guidance has helped me very very well I appreciate your help.


LPO Student - UK

The basic course and has provided a good start to the art of PDR…

The initial process was a very smooth transaction with quick replies with the instructor.  I found it very helpful and I now have a much better understanding. This has allowed me to repair several dents that I would not have been capable of before taking the course. The modules were very informative without being too complicated, very good use of your time and still think there could be more to learn. The basic course and has provided a good start to the art of PDR and has inspired me to carry on practicing to improve on the knowledge learned.


LPO Student - UK

There are tons of videos showing the complete process from beginners to advance in all aspects of PDR

I have been on the course for nearly 6 months now and already I’m getting small to medium dents out perfect.Tom is a great trainer and you can ask anything even silly questions and he gets back to you promptly on the course forum. There are tons of videos showing the complete process from beginners to advance in all aspects of Pdr with plenty of tips and tricks to get you on your way. If you are interested in learning paintless dent repair for not much money (as some courses are over 5k a week ) I would highly recommend enrolling in this learning PDR online. Obviously, you have to put a lot of practice time in as it’s a difficult trade to learn but very rewarding

Stephen Layton

LPO Student - UK

The members-only forum is great and you have Tom at hand as your mentor every step of the way.

Learn Paintless dent removal at your own pace with LPO’s step-by-step learning process. Once you have learned and practised the basics you can move on to the more involved repair guides. The members-only forum is great and you have Tom at hand as your mentor every step of the way. Tom has helped me lots and continues to do so. If you’re sitting on the fence I would say just go for it! Put the effort into watching the video guides and practice and you will reap the rewards

Thomas Hammond

LPO Student - UK

There is a lot of support from the members in the forum and Tom is always there to help

I started out as a beginner on LPO and have been a member for over a year now. I have learned a lot using the excellent video lessons available for all skill levels and the best thing is that I can follow it at my own pace as I am in full time employment otherwise. There is a lot of support from the members in the forum and Tom is always there to help with any questions or if we need any advice for the dents we are working on.

Ali F

LPO Student - UK

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Invest in yourself today and take the first step in creating your ideal business

With the PDR Path, you can take your dent removal skills to a whole new level and finally gain access to the exclusive training you've been missing that will guide you on improving your craft for many years to come!

The best investment anyone can make, is in themselves, not only does this elevate you as an individual but it also creates a ripple effect that will be shared by your friends and family. Invest in yourself today and take the first step in creating your ideal business and dream lifestyle!


When you follow the PDR Path you'll go from "zero to hero" in no time! Our easy to follow step by step program gives you a head start on your Paintless Dent Removal journey. We start with the basics of removing minor dings and dents that are the most common on everyday vehicles


As you become familiar with removing minor dents to a high standard we then begin to break down larger more complex repairs to show you the tools and techniques to tackle a variety of dent damage. Working together we also start to create your ideal business plan and begin to bring it to life


Now you have a good understanding of how to actually fix dents, the tools and the techniques you need to succeed, we hone in and master those PDR skills. We launch your PDR business to begin getting in new enquiries and show you how to turn those enquiries into happy returning customers, building a successful business that works for you

So what do you actually get when you invest in

The PDR Path?

Access to All Our Training & Resources

Instant access to our exclusive PDR Training program 24/7 from any device, allowing you to fit your PDR Training plan around your existing lifestyle. Learn the skills you need at your own pace.

Guidance and Support

Guidance and support from an existing PDR technician. You’ll have lots of questions as you develop your skills and there's no better way than asking an experienced tech who's done it all before.

Forum Community Support

Connect with like minded students in our members only forum. Chat with other students who are on the same journey as you, ask questions, share experiences and grow together in a friendly work environment.

Exclusive Content

Build a business that works for you, take control of your own future as we build your ideal business from the ground up allowing you to choose what you will earn and how much you work creating your ideal work/life balance

My Story

In 2006 I was employed full time at a local bodyshop but I knew I wanted more, I dreamed of working for myself and one day building my own business. I chose PDR and I decided to go it alone so I began practicing at home by myself with a scrap panel and some basic tools, It was 6 months before I realised I could benefit from some actual training and another 2 months before I could get on a 5 day in person course. The training helped by giving me some advice and guidance on what to look for and the techniques I would need but I soon discovered 5 days was just a very brief insight into the world of PDR. On the 5th day my trainer told me to go home and continue my practice for another 6 months. So now just over a year into my journey I was beginning to remove dents myself cleanly and consistently so I then began to start my business.

Wow, as an employee it turned out I didn't know the first thing about how to start a business let alone build a successful one, How do you create a website? How do you get customers to find you? How much should I charge for a dent, How do I invoice clients and How do I take payments. It took me another 2 years to figure it out and even though I had paying customers and was getting good feedback I still couldn't get enough work to be full time, I soon realised I needed to learn more about growing a business, getting more leads and then converting those leads into paying customers that would come back to me time and time again.

Eventually it clicked, my hard work paid off and I was now working full time for myself, jump forward 8 years and I have my own established PDR business that works for me, I have more 5 star reviews on google than any other local company and I am flat out busy working all the hours I can and finally earning some decent money. It was only then I looked back at my own journey with the benefit of hindsight and could clearly see the road blocks and obstacles that held me up in the beginning, all the unknowns, the indecision and time wasted. So I began thinking of a better way to learn, a clearer path, one that cuts out all the guess work, a path that could clearly guide a new student step by step through the same journey only in a much shorter time period. Finally! there is now a proven step by step pathway to becoming a successful PDR technician.

introducing the pdr path

monhtly subscription

Monthly Subscription


approx. £59 per month

Learn PDR With On-going Support & Community

100% Money Back Guarantee*

I’m so confident that you will enjoy my PDR training, that if you join today and then decide within the first 14 days that PDR is not for you, I will fully refund your money 100% no questions asked.

Follow the link below to start your PDR training today.

100 money back guaranteed