Glue Pulling : Step-by-Step

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. Paintless Dent Removal or more commonly known as PDR is a valuable know how for any car owner. In order to acquire full mastery of PDR, it’s important to be familiar with glue pulling

If you have zero clue as to what exactly glue pulling is and how it’s done - worry not. Here’s a dummy-proof step-by-step rundown on how to do a glue pulling to fix minor repairs in your car. 

Step # 1 : Prepare your gun.

In case you’re wondering, a very basic glue gun can be used to do glue pulling. You can use the regular glue gun which requires plugging into a main power source or a gas-powered one which is perfect too as it offers mobility. Make sure to use a glue stick that specifically formulated for a paintless dent removal. 

Step #2 : Clean the panel 

You can use a methylated spirit which is available in most hardwares and home stores and a wipe cloth. 

Step #3 : Make sure to use the correct glue tab. 

Put simply, the glue tab you use should be of the same shape of dent you’re trying to fix. If it’s a round dent, make use of a round glue tab and so on. 

Step #4 : Clean your glue tab. 

Once you’ve selected the correct glue tab, make sure to clean it before using. It’s best to keep it nice and clean. 

Step #5 : Assess the environment you’re working with. 

The glue works differently depending on the temperatures or environment that you’re in. If you’re working where it’s warm and sunny - it will take a bit more time for the glue to dry up as opposed to using it in a cold environment. 

Step #6 & Step #7 :  Apply the glue and apply the tab on the dent. 

Place the glue on the dent and place the tab and make sure the place the tab while the glue is still quite hot. Use a bit of pressure to make sure that it sticks. 

Step #8: Use your pulling device. 

There are different pulling devices that you can use - a hammer, a clamp or pulling guns. 

Step #9: Release your glue tab. 

Using the same solution you used to clean the panel - Methylated spirit, spray a small amount to release the glue tab. 

Step #10 : Reassess the damage. 

Depending on how bad or how big the dent was, there may still be a small damage left on your vehicle. You may have to repeat the process several times to get it right. 

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