Paintless Dent Removal is an Important Skill to Learn

Paintless Dent Removal is a cheaper alternative to addressing minor repairs that need to be done to your car. Apart from that, it also prevents further damage from happening. The best part? It’s something you can learn through practice!

Paintless Dent Removal is the best way to address minor dings, scratches any other minor damages. While mastering the skill in itself may take just a little bit of time, there are several equipment which may help you along the way. One of which is the tool tip.

Tool tips come in different shapes and sizes. Usually, they are made to fit most bars and hammers. Some of the common ones are : tool tips that come with coating, pointed, round with no coating or hollow-shaped. Each tip serves a different role as adding them to your tool bar will give you a variety of leverage points and lengths on the tool tip.

The proper way to use a tool tip is to attach it to your tool bar, make sure it’s secured and make us of a bonnet and ring in order to have more force when you push the bar. Here are some examples of the most commonly used tool tips and the type of leverage each one gives you.

Mushroom-shaped tool tip with coating. This tool tip is perfect for when you need lots of pressure on the dent or ding. The coating will make it easier to push up the dent. This kind of tool tip gives you a very strong leverage. This type of tip also comes in a wider version which does just about the same thing but with even wider reach and more pressure. It’s ideal for larger damages that you want to reduce quickly.

Slightly coned edge. As it is very pointy, this tool tip is perfect for very precise dents. Its shape will give you precision but not as much leverage. It is best for minor tidbits and very small dents.

Coned with round center tip. This tool tip gives you a fair amount of force but is able to do just as much as the pvc-coated tips. It is perfect for creating wide but precise high spots.

Interchangeable tips are
not just for tool bars, they fit with most double-edged hammers too which will
allow you to blend and pick up the high points more easily.

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