Do you often have trouble deciding when to start pulling from the centre of a dent? It’s hard to settle the dilemma on whether or not you should pull a dent from the centre or not.

Useful Tips to Approach Glue Pulling Dent Removal

In general, when pulling a dent, our goal is to always get to the centre of the dent. This means that we should be able to pit that glue tab right in the centre of the dent and begin to pull. However, this rule doesn’t always apply to all types of dents. This rule in particular can be applied to generally all small dents or small round dents which are the most common ones. When should you improvise?

1. Pulling Large Dent Damage

When working with large dents that have a huge diameter, you can’t always pull the centre right away. Pulling the centre on large dents can create an uneven pull and even cause more damage than it should already have. If your option is to glue pull a large dent, then you should work your way to centre starting from the outer edges. Your goal should be to gradually pull the dent to decrease the depth of the dent. Once you’ve successfully pulled around the dent and have made it into a small size dent, then you can aim for the centre and pull it.

2. Pulling Long Crease Damage

When working with long crease damage you should not start pulling from the centre. A good strategy would be to start pulling from the outer edges of the crease damage. You will then alternately pull each side and continue to work your way to centre. Once the dent has been pulled on each side and is as small as it can possibly be, then you can pit the glue tab in the centre and pull.

These are basically the two types of damages where you shouldn’t start pulling the centre directly. So with long crease damage, you should always start from either end and alternately pull until you reach the centre. On large diameter dents, work from the outside and reduce the dent before pulling the centre. But for smaller circle dents or dings such as hail damage you need to pit the glue tab right in the centre and then give it a pull to draw out the metal effectively.

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