As a beginner In learning Paintless Dent Removal, it is inevitable to make mistakes. As a newbie in this skill, you might be apprehensive about facing real customers in a real-life situation. Many years ago when I was beginning to learn Paintless Dent Removal I was given the best advice which I want to pass. Such is in the hope that it will help beginners who are often nervous about making mistakes while learning Paintless Dent Removal.

Working part-time while learning Paintless dent removal I was working in a body repair shop garage estimating vehicle damage. I was also in charge of stripping paint from vehicles and no panel beater worked with me then. I was nervous about going out there in the real world. The question is what if I make a mistake in a real car? for a real customer? in a real-life situation. The apprehension comes from the fact that we are starting with something new. Most of us would naturally be afraid to go out there and make mistakes. At this point, I was given a bit of short and abrupt advice which was stuck with me. I was told that 100% I will surely make mistakes but what counts is how I will be able to deal with that situation. Such a short and abrupt advice stuck with me, it was powerful stuff. 

No Point in Worrying

Making mistakes is inevitable whether you are a newbie learning Paintless Dent Removal or a business owner. Although mistakes are likely to happen there is no point in worrying about it. Understanding that it is a learning opportunity will develop you as an individual. What you can do to rectify the situation or coming up with the resolution is what counts. 

Often as a newbie one of the most likely situations is that you will not be able to get the dent out. You may even potentially make the dent worse or maybe crack the paint. So how do you confront the problem?  Here are the best ways based on my profound experience.

1. Be Upfront With Your Client. You can explain to them the problem and the potential resolution that you can have for them. Certainly early on in my career, I did make mistakes with the repairs but I am confident to say that I do not have any unhappy customers. Every single customer would come back to me and use me again, even if I haven't been able to take out the damage.

2.  Be Honest.  By having that communication skills to relay the problem and offer feasible solutions the customers will surely respect you. Honesty is a valuable asset to have. Being able to explain to your clients the real situation and how you would like to address that problem is enough to gain their respect.

3. Learn From Your Mistakes.  See your mistakes as an opportunity rather than a failure. These setbacks will provide an opportunity to learn what you could do differently. You can develop preventive measures to resolve possible future issues. 

These you can take next time perhaps.

To Conclude

So, the key is that you will make a mistake but it's understanding that such provides an opportunity to learn. And definitely, these mistakes will develop you as an individual and a PDR technician. This will surely help you in terms of confidence in getting out there and getting started.

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