Are you wondering why you keep on getting bad results with the glue pulling process? If you are, you might be doing something differently.

Here are the things that could happen when you don't do glue pulling properly and what you should do to ensure that they won't happen again.

1. When you pulled the glue tab too soon

This would likely leave you with a sticky glue residue on the panel and the tab. This means that you've pulled the glue tab before the glue has fully hardened, giving you that stringy kind of mess between the panel and the tab. This is an indication that you are either hasty or, more often than not, the panel is still warm. This could also indicate that you're working in a hot environment, where it takes longer than usual for the glue to fully cure.

2. When you leave the tab on for so long

In contrast to the scenario above, you won't leave a messy trail of glue when you pull the tab after leaving it attached to the panel for so long. However, the downside is that it is still not enough to remove the panel you need to fix. It is because leaving the tab on for so long won't give you the right pull. Similarly, you'll get this result when you're working in an environment and/or with a panel that is too cold. You won't also be able to remove the panel with the help of a glue tab if you have failed to clean and prep it properly.

3. When there's dried glue left on the panel

If you get this result, this likely means that you haven't cleaned the tab prior to using it. As such, before using the glue pulling method, it's important that you use methylated spirits or alcohol-based cleaners to clean both the tab and the panel. Always remember that when you're not getting the results that you want, there's 90% chance that it is due to a lack of preparation on the panel or the tab itself.

It can also be due to the environment you're working in. If you're working during a very cold day and you have already cleaned the tab and the panel, here's a simple trick to ensure that you'll be able to successfully remove the panel without leaving a messy glue residue behind. You should try using a hairdryer or a hot air gun to apply a little bit of heat to make sure the glue is nice and warm.

If the glue goes off before it is ready or you're ready to pull it, it sometimes means that it has gotten a bit brittle.

As a result, it won't pull with the panel. To prevent this, you should check that you've prepped your glue tab and ensure that you're in the right environment.

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