Top Tip for Dent Repairs

Paintless dent removal may sound easy for some, but it can still be quite a challenge for others. Not everyone can directly aim for the centre of a dent without a little help our guide. If you often struggle with glue pulling paintless dent removal, then here’s a top tip you can use for your future repairs.

You won’t need to spend a lot of money in order to really get better at pulling dents. The only thing you will need to do is to spend a small amount of money to get yourself a marker pencil. This is simply a small pencil marker to mark up panels that won’t permanently leave a mark or paint mark on the vehicle.

Why would you need a pencil marker? When you glue pull there are many challenges you will face, but the most common challenge is gauging the centre of the dent is once you’ve got your glue on the tab and using your lime board to see the dent. Before working with any dent damage, you should always mark the centre first. Once you’ve got your glue loaded on your tab, it will make it much easier to place directly on the centre of the dent.

Once you’ve pulled the dent, you won’t have to worry about the mark you’ve created. This
pencil marker can easily be removed with some polish or methylated spirit. This is a small useful tip for beginners and it will help you practice in accurately aiming for the centre of the dent. For any dent repairs it will always take your time and patience which you should be willing to invest in order to fully get better at glue pulling paintless dent removals.

Simple and easy tip, when working with large dents or small dents, you can always use this pencil marker to accurately see where you need to place your glue tab. Mark the area you will need to stick you glue tab and gently place your glue tab. Once you’ve successfully pulled the spot you need, get your cloth and spray some methylated spirit to remove the mark. This tip will help you with your repairs and allow you to finish the job more efficiently without having to redo the steps again.

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