As a PDR technician to owners of a small car dealership do you cost them money or make them money? A very interesting concept or mindset to reassert your confidence and the value of PDR as a technician. This is to assist you in being assertive and to keep your pricing right.

So as a PDR Technician you need to understand that you are making those car dealers  money. These may be small accounts but it is always good to have a good range as you may probably get less that a hundred pound for the small dent work. For this car dealers should be pleased to see you because as a PDR technician, you are making them money.

You are definitely increasing the value of the cars they have on site. It is possible that they will not agree but try to analyse the scenario when a retail customer walks into a car dealership. Customers are there to potentially buy a car and if the car has a dent then only two things are possible. Either the customer will not buy the car or negotiate the price and  maybe knock down the dealership.Perhaps a hundred or two for having the damage on the car. So they will buy the car but not at the prices stated.

Make Money PDR

And so, these dealers will effectively lose their sale. So this is where the PDR technician makes these car dealers money by taking out the dent in the car. You are increasing the value of the car especially if these are all quite old used cars.As a PDR technician you have added price to the car straight away just because of the appeal of having no dents. When the customer looks at a car and doesn't see any dent then it's nice clean and shiny.  

So this proves that PDR technicians do not cost car dealers money and instead help them as they will definitely attract potential customers to make quick decisions to buy the car.  As a PDR technician there is a huge value in the skill and the craft that you do as you increase the value of second hand or used cars. 

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