Playing Football & PDR

One of the questions that we see time and time again popping up on Youtube and across social media is “Can you earn good money as a PDR tech?” So in this video, I'm going to use the analogy of getting paid for playing football, we'll see if it makes sense.

Can you earn good money as a PDR tech? Yes, 100%! Can you earn good money for playing football? Yes, 100%! Is it easy? No! It comes down to you and your desire, your own perseverance, motivation, and discipline as to how hard you push yourself to continually learn new skills and push through to reach the next level and the next level in your career. 

So I'm going to use the EFL as my example for my analogy. So that's the English Football League. There are 72 teams I think and each team averages about 25 players with the main squad and subs. That's about 1800 players in the EFL. Now they're all professional players. It's what they do but the difference in salary is huge. At the lower ends perhaps sort of forty-fifty thousand pounds a year. The higher-end playing in the top clubs in the premier. You're talking maybe seven to eight million pounds a year.

Developing the Right Mindset

So you can see there's a huge difference. Of course, some of it comes down to natural ability, particularly with football. There's a certain element of luck as to where you are seen spotted playing for different kinds of clubs and your contacts. It is all kind of manageable and achievable with your own mindset.

When it comes to how far you want to take it with PDR it really comes down to your own discipline in pushing through to the next level.  Really kind of achieving your goals. But it's not all about money. Particularly for me, it's also about lifestyle. So I like the freedom of being able to work for myself, run my own small company.

Work-Life Balance

Some days I can work really good money and realize I don't really have a life. So there are other days where I decide not to work or to work less. I'm trying to kind of focus on that work-life balance. That's just down to your own personal preference. Your own kind of goals and desires. That's for you to determine but it is possible. It's completely possible to outwork everybody.

In a Nutshell

Start from the very kind of lower end. Outwork everybody and push yourself right through to the top 100 as possible. It really comes down to your determination to succeed. So as you can see the wages or salary vary massively across the board. This is my example, it is just with the EFL. We take some of the other kinds of football leagues around Europe. Across The world or soccer if you're in America or even American football. All different kinds of sports you'll see,  there's a huge variant of salary and wages.

It really depends on what you want to specialize in as an individual.  Your own skill level and the kind of techniques or skills you want to specialize in. Hopefully, the analogy worked in terms of comparing it to getting paid for playing football. At least I made sense to somebody out there as it does to me.

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