Upselling is an art of tactfully and kindly offering the customer to work on the dents you have observed while working on the current dent repair job for a reduced rate. It is on a reduced rate because you are already there doing a repair that you're already out for. 

It is possible that you are doing a repair  on their bumper but they had a small door dent so you can offer a cheaper rate.  They are getting better value as they do not have to call you out on a separate occasion.

PDR Business Skills

PDR Business Skills

The Benefits of Upselling

Upselling is a great asset to your business because by taking just a few moments to walk around your customers' car and spotting any kind of things and dents around the vehicle that you can do at the same time. Upselling is really good for increasing your bottom line as a business because you're already there doing a repair. 

You can maximize your revenue and your profits. But choose to do it at a cheaper rate so if like 75% cheaper than the first or half price off the third because you are already there doing a repair. Upselling requires reducing the rate as  part of a sales process and closes the deal there and then.

Final Thoughts

So, it's a win-win for both yourself and your customer. Upselling  may be something you already do in your business which is brilliant. Take some time to think about this terminology and what you want to do in terms of pricing in the art of upselling.

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