One of the biggest challenges when it comes to learning paintless dent removal is getting access to the training. I'm going to lay out a few different options available to you to help you make a decision as to choosing the best training format to help you excel with PDR . Let us go through a few different options by laying out the pros and cons to help you decide which method is going to be the best one for you.

#1.Shadow an Existing Tech

This falls under apprenticeship,  where an existing PDR technician is teaching you one on one training. The Technician must be highly skilled and is also a good teacher. So this could be a  good option and that's the pro as you get in one-on-one training with an existing PDR tech. The con is it's quite rare to find that based on my experience. Most PDR Techs work either for themselves so finding a technician that has the time and is happy to teach you is kind of difficult. Usually you really would be paying a fair bit to the trainer themselves so absolutely nothing wrong with that if that's the route you want to go. 

#2.Attend a PDR Training School

This is a very good way to learn paintless dent removal providing that the training school and the teachers are a good technician themselves. Within this option are a load of different formats like one-week course, two week, three four five six week courses. You can also have one-on one with a trainer or in an environment where you are in a classroom with maybe four students or more or a whole classroom. It's a very good way to learn fast so if you're able to pack all of your training into a few weeks block it really sort of excels your learning curve. The downside is usually the cost as trainer schools can be quite expensive. 

Around the world there is a huge variety of prices depending where you are and whether you're doing a week course or a six-week course and one-on-one to classrooms. The biggest objection is the cost in initial outlay even before you can start earning. The other kind of downside is if you are currently employed it means taken that time off work or using up your leave. And if you're unemployed chances are you need to pay for that training. 

Also in this training system you need to commit yourself so you can not have the usual kind of lifestyle or even  perform your obligations. But if you have got the time and you have got the money then this is also a great way to learn paintless dent removal. But be sure to do your research first to make sure that the trainers know their stuff , they are good teachers and they also have good reviews.

#3.Learn PDR on Your Own

Probably most people initially try to go alone and the basis is the pro which would be saving money by not paying for any training. In my opinion as I have tried it myself  and after months and months of trying and figuring out I realized I need some guidance in learning the actual PDR techniques. So whilst it would appear that you are able to save money on training it actually is a big con because the amount of mistakes that could have been avoided had I been taught initially would have made my learning curve so much shorter. 

To go alone is going to take you a lot longer to learn PDR. Mistakes could be avoided if you are guided in learning PDR. It also takes a lot of patience and discipline to learn on your own and to figure out how to be a  highly skilled tech. I think that cons outweigh the pros in the sense that it's a much harder road in terms of learning paintless dent removal and where it's going will take you a lot longer before you  can start earning PDR money

#4. Learn PDR online 

Learn PDR online is my channel and it's what I am most passionate about. I teach paintless dent removal using an online format. Understanding the best format to learn PDR really is down to the individual’s access to learning, affordability amongst other factors. Learning PDR online’s initial pros would be the value as it's so much cheaper than going off to a training school. 

We have a monthly membership when you sign and join. It's a lot more affordable compared to joining a trainer school. The biggest pro with online training is tech convenience as a lot of people have full time or part time jobs. Others have different kinds of lifestyles where you have your children and you need to care for them. Learning PDR online means being able to have  PDR training at your fingertips whether you've got a phone, laptop, tablet, PC. You can just pick it up and perform all other duties at home or elsewhere and spend a few hours learning PDR or even do it on weekends or during the evening. 

Even when you are out there on the road you can always pick up your phone and go back through some of the tutorials, have a bit of a refresher or even contact your online tutor and get advice as you go through the repairs. This is a massive  pro which is a driving factor why I created Learn PDR Online . 

I want to allow more people to get into the industry by offering a convenient way for them to  learn PDR. Another pro for learning PDR online is the ongoing support unlike with training schools where you are left to your own devices once you are done with the training. So with learn PDR online we have an ongoing monthly membership which starts off with the basic skills, the essential tools you need in PDR. It all continues  with our online community where we help members by giving advice and motivation. I'm very passionate  about this ongoing support so whether you're learning, or on the road and just need a refresher all you need to do is pull out your phone, tablet, laptop.

So if it takes you months or years we are going to be with you every step of the way, supporting you and giving you advice. Some cons for learning online is that online training is not for everybody. Some people would prefer to learn one on one and find it easier to learn. Not everybody has the discipline and motivation to follow along with guidance and tutorials  and really pick the effort that's needed in working and practising yourself. Like with any trade it's all about the time  you can put it into practice to learn them.

Just a Recap

So just to recap there are four different options in learning Paintless Dent Removal. I have laid out for you the formats with corresponding pros and cons. So the first one is to shadow an existing tech;  Second is to join a trainer school for practical on-site training; Third is to try and go it alone and  fourth is with the online training platform such as the Learn PDR Online.

I have tried to be impartial with those different options and I hope that gives you some information to take away to think about what training format will give you the best chance at excelling with Paintless dent removal.

Learn the latest advancements in PDR techniques with all the convenience of online training. Only from Learn PDR Online! Get started!

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