Simple Ways to Create Access Points

So you want to remove dents on the bonnet of
your car, but you can’t seem to find a way to comfortably get into the area you
need to fix. Then, there’s also the issue of fitting the tools you need to use
to repair the dented spot. What should you do?

Fortunately, there are simple ways to create access points in your bonnet so you can get on your merry way and start fixing those nasty dents.

1. Check the underside of the bonnet

On the underside of a bonnet panel, there are a
couple of access points in the corners you can see straightaway. In the access
points, there’s a hole where you can get your tools in. There’s also a rubber
grommet just a few centimetres from the hole, as well as a cap on the edge of
the panel that allows you to get a small brace into the very outer edges of the

2. Remove the plastic clips on the insulation pad.

In most cases, a bonnet has an insulation pad on. But if you remove the small plastic clips attached to it, you’ll be able to remove the insulation pad and get into the access points that are similar to ones discussed above.

3. Check the front panels

In some instances, there are small areas on the
front edges of the front panel where you can take out the grill. If you look
closely underneath the grill, you’ll see small Phillips screws or crosshead
screws that you can take out so you can fully remove the grill. With the grill
removed, you’ll be able to see that there’s quite a big open gap on the front
edge that would surely come in handy when removing dents in the front section
of the bonnet panel.

4. Remove the sections separating the bonnet

When you strip down the insulation pad from the bonnet panel, you’ll be able to see the inside of the bonnet and the sections separating it. By removing some of the sections or panels, it would be fairly easy for you to access and remove the dents on certain parts of your bonnet.

5. Take advantage of the brace bars

On certain car models, the bonnet has open brace
bars or double skins. These are the strengthening points around the bonnet
panel. If the car you’re working on has open or accessible brace bars, they can
give you plenty of access to nearly the entire bonnet panel. You can also slid
in tools like glue cutters and brace tools above the brace bars to remove the

So there you have it. Be sure to make the most
of access points discussed above for a quick and hassle-free paintless dent

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