TTT Ep4 – How To Prep Your Panel Before Working On A Dent

A Clean Panel Is An Easy Surface To Work On

Welcome to Tom's Top Tips. This is a video series of the tips that I have learned during my years as a PDR technician that I hope will help you.

This week's Top tip may sound obvious but is so often missed and it is cleaning the panel that you're about to work on

Quite often you have small dents and it might have a little scratch or a scuff on there or it might just be dirty covered in road film and dust.

You can see the dent obviously but once you put your lineboard up and think you've removed it, it's so much easier if you give that panel a quick polish or a quick wipe over just to make sure you're getting rid of any imperfections in there like the dust and film that might make it harder to see the low spots or high spots in your panel.

Make The Reflection From The Line Board Sharper

The benefit of doing this especially with polish, if you've got a shinier panel to work on, it helps the reflection of the lineboard sharp even clearer so you have a brighter image to work against.

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