TTT Ep5 – How To Take Care Of Your Tap Down Pen

A Properly Cared-for Tap Down Pen Will Ensure Quality Work.

Welcome to Tom's Top Tips. This is a video series of the tips that I have learned during my years as a PDR technician that I hope will help you.

This week's top tip is with these little nylon tap downs.  

Over the years or after a period of time or even just in your old tool bag or toolbox, the edges can get a bit rough.

So to avoid risking damage in the paint or slipping as you tap it down, you can use a very fine sandpaper and just buff a smooth finish on that like a twelve hundred grits, fifteen hundred grits or two thousand.

Don't Damage That Paintwork!

Doing so to your tap down pens will give you that nice, soft edge so that you don't mark the paintwork.

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