My Favourite Top 5 PDR Tools

These PDR tools are brilliant and have made it into my top five. These personally are my favourite little tools. 

First, we have the Shane Jacks blending hammer. This is a lightweight tool with a small upper design which you can polish back again. The sort of sharper tip on the backside is really a useful tool and I use it pretty much on every repair and even just for knocking down some highs. You can switch it and then use it as a blending hammer. It's just a technique of how it really kind of bounces that is why it is one of my favourite tools. 

Second, we have this Keco Knockdown now. It is a great little tool for really kind of precision work  so it's got just a fine tip on there as well.  Important to keep this nice and clean. I quite often used a root beer tap down that's very good one as some of the other sort of generic plastic  or nylon ones but for the small little high spots you can occasionally fit in with your tooltip whilst removing the dent. This I find brilliant and it's my go to knock down for just taking out those micro highs. 

PDR tools

​Brilliant 'Go-to' PDR Tools

Third, these Keco dead-center tabs are brilliant on a crease. It gets right in the centre of that dense and it's just brilliant with the little rubber lifter to pull them and lift them out. It's just absolutely perfect the gangrene tabs that I use. So brilliant, they have always been my go to tabs. When it comes to creases I'm always picking up these Keco Dead-center tabs for glue pulling. Definitely one of my favourite tools.

Fourth​, is the Red Ratchet Reaper tool. This is a sharp tip tool and it really is pretty sharp. Great for picking up the kind of standard or dents. But it also depends on what access you can get in on different panels.

This is a relatively  new tool for me so still getting fairly used to it and being careful on that sharp tip. It is really nice bringing out dents and so definitely takes a little bit of technique getting used to it like the standard kind of flat bars and some of the rounder tips for door bars. This tool has now made it into my top five as it is personally one of my favourite little tools.

PDR tools

Fifth, we have this little brace tool. I'm always amazed at just how often I can use this one handed but it's just a really thin kind of narrow brace tool and I use it all the time. So really this is really a good tool to have for getting in those tiny little holes at the edges of door panels. I've managed to get in through the gaps between headlamps and wings on those kinds of front wings, front fenders and obviously getting into braces.

Just be able to get in through the little holes. So I can take off the rubber strip, run across the top of the door and usually there are some little holes in there. When you can't get your hook bar up high enough you can normally take the weather strip off, use one of these little brace tools and be able to get in through those tiny holes at the top. This is really a good little tool to have in your toolkit.

Tool pdr

Now Wrapping-up My Top 5 PDR Tools

So that is my top 5 favourite PDR tools at the moment, we have:

  1. 1
    Shane Jacks Blending Hammer
  2. 2
    Keco 4mm Metal Tip Knockdown
  3. 3
    Keco Dead Center Glue Tabs
  4. 4
    Little Red Ratchet Reaper
  5. 5
    Dentcraft 14' Brace tool

These are good little tools to have in your toolkit. I really find them brilliant and useful. Great tools to have on board when you are doing Paintless Dent Removal! 

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