This One was a Painful Mistake

So this is my little tool bag and most of my little go to bars and rods are in here. This caused a potential problem which was a mistake. It was a painful one and it did draw blood from my leg. It is a sharp tip tool which ripped through my little bag in no time at all. I picked it up out of my van to go to my job and  it just caught me right in the leg. Thankfully it was my leg because when walking around my tool bag I go between cars. If that sharp tip was to drag down the side of the car you would not be fixing that with paintless dent removal

PDR Bar with sharp tip

A Lesson is Learned

The thing is be careful with these bars with little sharp tips. This is a brilliant tool for removing dents out of little panels but it is also a brilliant tool for cutting into your skin. So it is completely my fault. It's hopefully a lesson learned but so if you are working in the workshop you need to keep your PDR tools in the toolbox. 

A Bit of a Reminder

Not really an issue when you're using a canvas tool bag like this for doing kind of route work. Going out about new jobs is very easy just to do a bit of a movement. If not careful the sharp tool will just rip straight out of that bag. Just a reminder for your own well-being  but also the last thing you want to do is damage down the side of a car when you are only there to fix tiny little dents.

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