​Get A Grip Mount Helps in PDR Job

So I quite often use this Get A Grip Mount for holding my hairdryer hot air gun when I'm doing my PDR work and just freeze up my hands. I do also use it when I'm setting up my umbrella.

So I thought I'd do a little video today on the umbrella and just how this mount plays a huge role. Keeping it all neat and tidy and in place for me is such a great product to have.​

Installing the Get A Grip Mount

So it has the familiar vacuum pump as with the line boards. So just a few little worm pumps and that has now stuck to the side of the panel and what makes these really great is just how many kinds of little adjustable arms and crunch there are on there as well. So it's  really quite versatile in terms of where you want to apply it to the vehicle, what you're looking to hold and all the different angles you can use it. 

Securing the Really Useful Umbrella

So this is actually an old fishing umbrella and back from years ago when I used to do a bit of fishing so it does the job just fine . This is just one that I've had kicking around for years so it serves a purpose and does the job. It keeps the sun off me and the glare of the car on sunny days. And also  when it's just light rain it’s enough to keep myself and the panel dry without having to set up the full kind of gazebo.I'll also use now the little clamp on the end that I think makes this really good because I can open it up nice and wide. 

Keeping the Umbrella Stable

You hold the handle of the hair dryer, also screw it nice and kind of small to fit the narrow shaft of this umbrella. And in going around and just making sure the other adjustable sections are nice and tight as well to stop any kind of movement on there. Now I also anchor down the bottom path especially when working on front of tarmac for driveways like this. I have the weights that I use that are part of the kit for my gazebo, but any weight will do just to make sure you sort of give it a bit more support as well.

Let Us have a Closer Look

Looking closely at the clamp setup, you can see the suction cup and then the first adjustable, the second adjustable point, the third and then fourth grip as well, holding that steady.

So this Get A Grip Mount is a great bit of kit to have. 

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