The Process of Repairing a Heavy Hit Damage

Using different kinds of tools and techniques I will  repair a heavy hit damage on the front wing of this Volkswagen Golf. They said it could not be done and they need a new wing panel. 

Let Us Prove Them Wrong!

So through these procedures we will be able to prove whether there is a need to get a new wing or will Paintless Dent Removal be enough to repair the damage? Let us see!

Removing the Inner Wheel

I started by removing the inner wheel arch liner and  took out completely. I left the wheel in place to give me something to lever against. The tool I will be using is a  double bend bar with a soft and blue tip on the end. I'm gonna start from the left to the right. I am getting a feel for the panel with lots of quick and gentle pushes. My main focus is to see quickly how I can get the kind of main bulk of the dents out.

Working on the Ridge or the Crown

I switch to a micro tap down and will work on the ridge or the crown that surrounds this dent . So we do plenty of tap down work here and it's all about metal flow. I try to get this high metal and push it down into the low with lots of fine little pushes in between. And at this stage I'm just trying to even out the repair now using that big soft tip on the end of the double dent bar to get the shape back. 

Switching Tools

Throughout this repair there is plenty of tapping  down to even out that metal . I switch between my tap down and a big soft tip on this blending hammer, I switched to a smaller tool and I'm using just the bare metal tip of this tool to really kind of pick out some loads. The main focus here is making sure it’s shape is back. 

Checking on the Highs and Lows

So it didn't take too long to get the main kind of shape back into this panel but I'm a long way off finishing yet. There's a lot of work to do still as we zoom in and so we'll run the camera across this panel. You can pick out all the highs and lows particularly here across this main kind of impact area. So we set up the line board to give a good indication of just how messy it is along this panel .

Finishing and Cleaning

I now switch to this root beer tapper, this little tool is just brilliant for picking out those fine highs and with a little bit of tape on the end of this tool I'm just working the last of the distortion out of the panel to bring up the lows. I always finish my repairs with a little machine polish this partly to remove any kind of paint transfer from whatever caused the impact. I make sure I remove any of my grubby little fingerprints and marks from the tap down and hammers. 

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