My First Dent Repair Video

I was just going through some of my old videos. I realized it's been almost 10 years since I did my very first dent repair video. It’s for my dent business TDL repair. It’s quite funny seeing how old that video is.  You can check on the link so you can watch it.

I did the video to explain what paintless dent repair was to my customers. Back then a lot of people hadn't heard of PDR. They didn't realize you could have your dents removed without filling or painting.

It’s interesting seeing that it's almost ten years ago so I thought I'd play it alongside you myself. There I definitely look younger and I almost forgot about that goatee until I saw old videos or photos. 

Back in 2011

So there you have especially formulated glue and I got questions on that. Why was it specially formulated? That slide hammer, that's the one I still use today is an aluminium lightweight slide hammer from BLE tools which stood the test of time. I have a purple tab that I'm using and that was what I certainly started off with back then. 

You’ll see that half  of the comments I got were people saying why have you drawn an apple on the side of the car. It was actually to circle the dent and have an arrow pointing straight towards it. I put a dent  with my elbow for the purpose of doing an instructional video. You can see why people thought it looked like an apple. Looking back it definitely does look like an apple.

I was so nervous then because I didn't know what to do with my hands when recording.  That was quite fun watching that back in 2011.  If you're really bored you can watch the original video. I haven't done much on that channel for a long time but the video did really well. I think it was getting 10 000 views a month.

The Takeaway

This video shows the importance of promoting yourself, your brand and your business. I had inquiries from all across the world. They were asking me to come and do the dents which I'll always reply with “if you pay for my flights and travel. 

It's a good reason to put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone. You need to  promote yourself, your brand and your business. I definitely got a fair amount of work from my Youtube video back then. 

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