TTT Ep2 – How To Never Lose Your Hammer Tap Down Pen Again

Hammer Tap Down Pens Get Lost All The Time

This week's Top tip. Is to help you stop losing your Hammer Tap Down Pen. I've lost hours searching for these Hammer Tap Down Pens in the tool bag. 

They get lost in the tool box, the tool bag get in amongst the tool bars and just surprisingly difficult to find and as I’ve said, I'm sure I've lost minutes or hours over the years just trying to find this little tool.

Never Lose Your Hamer Tap Down Pen Again

A Simple Solution To Save Your Hammer Tap Down Pen

 However, you rarely lose your hammer you can nearly always find that in your tool box. So using this exclusive PDR resistance band, also known as one of my wife's hair bands, I'm sure she won’t miss it.  

My top tip is to just to attach the Hammer Tap Down Pen to the side of the hammer handle using the ‘PDR resistance band’ (hair band!!) so you won't lose it.

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