TTT Ep9 – How To Use A Hairdryer In PDR

Hairdryers Can Be Used To Heat Up Panels.

This week's top tip is heat.

Using a standard hairdryer or a hot air gun on a low setting, we can warm up the panels that we're working on.

In traditional methods with dent repair bars, this helps keep the paint supple so reduces the risk of the paint cracking and with large dents, makes the metal more maneuverable to be able to work back into its correct shape.

With glue pulling techniques, the warm panel helps the adhesive adhere to the panel which will give you a much better pull with the slide hammer once you've got your glue tab on the dents.

Prevent Damaging The Paintwork

So a cheap handy bit of kit and especially if you're working outdoors in the different temperatures, particularly if you're working out in the cold, hairdryer or hot air gun just keeps that panel nice and warm protecting the paintwork.

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