TTT Ep6 – Getting Close To The Action

The Closer You Are To The Dent, The More You Can See The Dent.

Welcome to Tom's Top Tips. This is a video series of the tips that I have learned during my years as a PDR technician that I hope will help you.

This week's top tip is about getting close to the action.

When you get yourself in a position that you're looking at the dent and you'll get into a level where it's smaller and smaller so that you've almost taken out the dent,

get yourself a little bit closer and have a look at the angles effectively giving you a zoom in so that you have a real close look at those high spots and low spots.

Reminder: Always Check The Dent From All Angles!

This is often missed but particularly if you move from round the angles and check it from the other side, don't be afraid to get really up close to the dents to make sure you can really see what you're doing.

Thank you for watching.

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