TTT Ep1 - Checking Your Angles Using A PDR Line Reflector Board

Your PDR Line Reflector Board Is Your Friend

Welcome to Tom's Top Tips. This is a video series of the tips that I have learned during my years as a PDR technician that I hope will help you.

This week's top tip is to make sure you check your angles, making use of a pdr reflector line board.

So using a PDR line reflector board when you're taking out a dent, it's important to check the progress whilst taking out the dent, so you can look at it from a certain angle and it appears the dent is out and then when you stand up and check it from another angle you'll see there might still be a slight high or a slight low somewhere in that panel.

Checking Your Angles Using A PDR Line Reflector Board

So if you have your dent here and your checking from that direction, through the repair process, move around swap put your PDR line reflector board on the other side of the dent and check it from the other angles.

Using Your PDR Line Reflector Board Above & Below

Likewise you can do this from above and from below and without the board altogether. Looking down the panel just to check that you have fully taken out that dents and that there's no highs or lows in there.

So it’s very important to check your angles throughout the process, correctly using your PDR Line Reflector Board and particularly at the end to ensure that you fully remove the dent.

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