'Shock Effect'

After I have created a high spot which we are going to set up with the line board tap down. Slow-motion will show you how the panel can move and have that kind of shock effect it has in putting those high spots back into the panel. 

We have put a dent in the car and a high spot. So then we'll setup, we'll pick a high spot in a small dent in and go through the process and have a look. You can see what it looks like in slow motion. 

So just here is quite a high spot and you can see where the lines are pinched together so this indicates that the metal was drawn out. So using this tap down, we're going to tap in there and see in slow-motion where exactly I move around the tip as I tap. We can watch those lines just bursts.

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And now I repeated the process in real time just so we can see the difference in the speed of  removing the high spots. So I think that worked quite well using the slow-motion function. It showed just how much I move around the tap down as I'm working a dent both in real time and in the slow-mo versions of that little repair. 

So hopefully that shows the shock effect it has on the panel so you can really look at those reflections. Move them so you can see the panel while tapping. The whole sort of reflection pop in each time which is a similar process to how we can explain blending or the techniques and methods for blending panels.

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