How To Read The Line Board For PDR

Reading Line Boards Like A Pro

Hi I'm Tom with Learn PDR Online. I created an online survey to help me find out what the biggest struggle was for people learning paintless dent removal. Now the survey came back with two top results. The first being line board interpretation or how to read the line board and the second biggest struggle was locating and finding the tip of your tool whilst working.

So I've created two short videos which hopefully explain the process and the method and we, of course cover these in our first module, on Learn PDR with our online training.

So let's take a closer look at the two different methods:

So just here we have a line board. And what we're looking at is the reflection of the line board in the bonnet panel. So this area just here. So let's take a closer look. Moving along the panel as we apply pressure, we can see how the reflection distorts. So by applying pressure down in a downward motion, the lines are opening up and splaying out.

This indicates that there is a low spot in the panel also known as a dent. So when we see that low spot in the panel, we know that the panel is dented in and the removal process is to get behind the dent and gently push it out from the inside

Low Spots And High Spots

Using a fairly standard dent repair rod, we're going to go through our S-hook and ring setup. The same setup that we use in our training course and then we're going to apply pressure from the underside.

So here on our panel we can apply a little bit of downward pressure to splay out the lines indicating what would be a low spot or a dent. And then by applying pressure from the underside, we can create a high spot just here where the lines pinch together. So this is the simple explanation of low spots and high spots and how to determine them or read them on the line board.

Watch as I move the tool around the effect that it has on the reflection of the line board.

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So I'm Tom with Learn PDR Online and thank you for watching.

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