In today's video I'm removing this small but nasty dent from the front wing of this Freelander. Instead of going through the repair process with you I'm going to show you the three different tools that really help me take out damage.

Double Bend Bar

First up, I've got my double bend bar with an extension piece, a little nylon tip with some tape around. I'm able to push my bar up above the dent and angle it down to get the tip right into that low spot. Now this is a strong double bend bar so I'm also able to lever off the tyre really get some good leverage to enable me to start pushing out some of this damage. And also tapping down some of that tension in the crown that sits above the wheel arch. 

Hammerhead Tool

Now, getting into this area of the wheel out right into that lip can be quite tricky with a lot of tools but this Hammerhead tool from Excalibur I picked up from TDN tools here in the UK and it's really good for getting right into that in the lip. So it's got that semi circle that kind of hammerhead tip which allows me to roll left and right. Really kind of get some precision in taking out the lows right in that wheel arch line. I've got my left hand stabilized in the bar and also give me something to leverage off. I'm using my right hand on the handle using a bit of a left and right twisting motion but also pulling that tool back towards me to help pull out some of that damage.

So I'm pulling as opposed to pushing with this particular bar so I've taken out probably 80-90% of the damage with those two tools. So a quick assessment to see how we're getting on I can see we've got a few lows a little bit of a high so this is the area I was just working with that hammerhead tool. But it's coming out really well.

Wheel Arch Lip Tool

I've got a little bit of tension above that body line so I need to do a little bit more tap down work.  Tapping down that crown before switching to my last tool and helping pick out some of these lows. So using my root beer tap down I'm just working across some of the tension points but also some of the highs I've  created during that pushing process.

Finally, moving on to this Wheel Arch Lip tool from PDR Pro tools. Now it's a little bit rough around the edges but it is heavy duty and it does the job you need it to do. So again I'm using my right hand to give me some stability and accuracy. My left hand is twisting slightly left and right but most importantly again I am pulling this tool back towards me.

More About Dent Repair

So these are my top three tools for repairing dents just like this in wheel arches. 

Now I hope you've enjoyed the video. You can give us a thumbs and also subscribe to our YouTube channel. Enjoy and learn skills about  Paintless Dent Removal while watching more of my videos about dent repair!

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