In doing Paintless Dent Removal it is possible that you will be confronted with cases where the dent ​is quite sharp and long. ​How should we repair this sharp and long crease? And what tools do we use to help us make sure that the dents will come out really well especially if the vehicle has a natural curve?​​

Review PDR tools

Review PDR tools

Step 1

Have your glue gun warm up that dead centre tab while you are checking what you access on the inside of the panel. 

Step 2

Use a Keco Puller to give you more control on a crease. Make sure that you have the control to really make sure you are pulling just the dent. Focus on the depth of the crease and control the puller to take out the crease gently.

Step 3

Do it again. So, if the first prong is a bit gentle just to test them out then you need to switch on the sides to really see the pull using the tabs. Few pulls will do as you observe how the dents are coming out using the puller.

Step 4

Tap down around the crease. After that quite a few pull now you can do a lot of tapping around very gently so you do not break the paint.

Step 5

Use a standard door hook bar for precision from the inside.Just pick out some of those lows  and continue the process using the usual BLE door bar. Get behind the dent with the door bar to get some of those tiny little low spots out.

Step 6

Take a quick look to see if there are still few marks left. See the lines or reflection of the lines to see that it’s pretty much out. 

Step 7

Polish the panel to make sure it cleans up nicely.  A quick polish will make sure you will really get a clean picture off those lines. 

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