Lines vs. Fog

One of the most frequently asked questions when people are just getting started learning  PDR is should I learn with lines or should I learn with fog? So which is best for you? The truth is there is no definite right or wrong because it is a personal preference. It is possibly  the way the brain is wired in terms of how one understands the distortion in lines while others prefer the shadow distortion in fog. 

The thing is, the real job of a PDR tech is to remove the dent so whether you use lines, fog reflector board leds, fluorescent lights or even just the reflection of trees, sun and clouds it does not  matter. It is actually down to you as a PDR tech to take the dents out 100%. Let us check on  different setups to shed some light on the difference between the two boards.

Let Us Clarify on What is Best

In this setup we've got both lines and fog on the same board. I'm using the ElimADent version 3 lamp for this purpose. Hopefully you can see the crease while we're looking at the reflection of the light . This  illustrates a fog board scenario. The way the light falls into the gaps and creates a shadow really kind of stands out nice and clear and the shadow indicates the kind of depth or the low spot. The idea is that you're bringing up the shadow area until it's no longer a shadow. Here you will see a small round dent and as we come to the edge of that light again. We can see a little shadow and start to see that around them. This is how a crease looks and a small round dent looks like with the fog. 

Now we take a look at the same two dents with the line board and you can see the difference. Instead of looking  at the shadow lines we're looking at the distorted lines in the reflection. So here with the crease you can see the lines kind of splay out and widen. That indicates that it is low and we're looking to push up that lower area until all of the lines are true again. As we take a look at this small round dent  you can see how the lines widen around it which indicates the low. We push up that section  until all of the lines are straight and even. 

Have a Think

Hopefully those two examples shed light as to what's the best kind of choices for you as a PDR tech. Personally there is no right or wrong choice as it is a personal preference. The fog is indicated by the light and the shadows as opposed to working with the lines where you have kind lines that widen to indicate a low spot. 

So it really does come down to that preference as to what you understand as a PDR technician. Hopefully that helped clarify the difference between the two boards.

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