A Quick One

This video is just a really short quick one about how to identify a laminated glass. I was working on this Bentley recently, taking out this door across the body line. Now nearly every Bentley I work on has laminate windows as do a lot of Mercedes and Jeeps.

It's very important to be able to identify if it's laminate glass fitted before you start doing your door repair. So I'm now  taking an aerial view looking down at the top of the glass. Hopefully you can see it is two panels bonded together. 

The Center Point

So just here that yellow line indicates the center point where those two  separate panels are bonded. Sometimes it might also be identified in the text on the window here. It may say laminate or give you some form of code but to be honest the easiest thing to do  is just have a look around the outer edge.

Here you can clearly see it's two separate pieces kind of bonded  together.  So that's the quickest easiest way to identify if you're working on laminate windows. Now the laminate is very strong on the center section but it can be very fragile and have a lot more chance of fracturing or shattering around the outer edge.

Be Careful On Your Setup

So you really have to be careful on your setup and exactly what part you are leveraging on.  Right now I've got a microfiber cloth just to give me a little bit of a buffer between the window and the window guard. Most importantly I do not have this window all the way down to the bottom. So  often if it's at the bottom. 

As you start applying your wedge or putting a tool in  you can fracture that upper section. So I've got this one about three four  inches up from that bottom section. That means by the time my window board goes in my wedge or my tool I'm not leaving off the very edge of the panel or the glass where it sits most  fragile.

Finding Out The Hard Way

So I have found out the hard way and yes I have broken a couple of windows but  both times it's because I didn't  identify first that it was a laminate window.

So hopefully this video will help  you at least, know what to look for. 

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