This video shows a hidden access point. This allowed me to reach a small dent on the upper section on the rear wing of an Audi A3 convertible. The above video is just a short tutorial but you can learn more about the industry, the tools, the techniques and how you can get started in the trade.

Take Out The Small Dents

I'm just about to take out the small dents on the rear wing of this audi convertible. I was to go for a glue pull, my kind of go-to was just to use a very small tab. Also I can use either a slide hammer or rubber lifter to lift out the dents. Although it's quite small, sometimes it can be a bit tricky. With glue pulling you often have to go back and forth through the process of opening up the dents. You need to make it more accessible to get to the center.

When working on convertibles it's always worth lifting the roof. Check it at that halfway point and just see what trims or what kind of access points might become visible. At the halfway mark you have to be careful when it's in that position. Take out the key and put it somewhere else, not just in your pocket because these things can have a mind of their own. You don't want to get your fingers caught up in there.

Little Access

I'll whisk the camera around to show you the little access hole. It's quite a specific dent in a specific area on this panel. It may not be the access point for all damage on convertible Audis. Certainly for this one I can get a tool behind and get the dents out. It's just going to be that bit easier than glue pulling. 

We'll have a quick look at the access point and show you how to take this dent out. So I've got it kind of half open at the moment. Halfway through that process of opening up the roof what it does is you can see on the other side some of the access holes and trims. That aren't easily visible with the roof up or down. 

Use The Right PDR Tools

So again we have some of these big holes which just gets you to the reinforcer. We're just here so this hole can get me to the dent. This is a little brace bar with a double set bend. I picked this one up from PDR Pro tools here in the UK .  It's just perfect to get me through that access point and straight onto the back of this stem. Just a few gentle tweaks to really kind of get my positioning right. 

I can work on the dent itself and just start to ease it out. So using my line board I can just pick up the reflection on that dent. I'm really trying to focus on that low spot right in the middle. Just gently start to bring out the dent until all those lines reach and as I go through the process of removing this dent I'm really focusing on that center point.

A Nice Clean Repair

Now to make it a little bit easier to reach and make sure I have a nice clean repair I'm just going to open up that dent a little bit more. Using my root beer tap down and just a few gentle taps with a hammer I'm working around those high spots. By opening up the dent it really gives me clean access to reach the center point and the last remaining lows of this dent.

It's so important to allow me to see what it is I'm doing during the repair process to enable me to get a nice clean repair.

If you're watching this video and you've enjoyed it, you can start learning how to remove dents! I can help you set up your very own PDR business!

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