Small Ding on a Citroën Berlingo

I was on the road a couple of weeks ago and came across this small ding on the upper door frame of a Citroën Berlingo. I was all set to glue pull it but it's always worth having a good look around for access points. I found a perfect little spot so I made a quick video to help you in your PDR work.

Finding the Access Point

I opened up the door and saw a rubber-kind of weather strip aperture running down the door frame. These are quite common on doors and often they're glued on it. It's always worth pulling them to one side gently as it has small plastic clips with a little trim clip tool. We need to carefully remove these clips to find those perfect little holes.

Removing the Dent

Using this Dentcraft 24 inch brace tool is perfect for getting in these little holes. This tool  has a couple of different angles on it so it gives you different options to get to the bottom of the dent. By turning this brace tool I could get exactly where I needed to be to fully remove this dent. 

An Upgrade for You!

I hope that this quick PDR tips helps you and gives you an idea when you're out on the road and you need to work on some dents.

How about checking on some more detailed tutorials on how we repair damage like this with paintless dent removal tools and techniques. 

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