So a couple of people have asked me about the gazebo set-up that I use as seen in some of my videos.So I just thought I'd do a video just to show you the gazebo and just how quick and easy it is to set up. So Let us have a look. 

A Good Mobile Pop-up Shelter

So this is the gazebo that I have. It's a four and a half meter by three meter and a little pop-up PDR shelter. This one is from a company surf and turf shelters. They do a whole lot of different sizes,colors. and ranges of these types of gazebos, tents and marquees. It is a bit of a kit being completely mobile. It allows us to have a kind of a little repair shelter to work in even when it's too bright and sunny. It is also  good when it's just a little bit wet and miserable. 

PDR Pop-Up Shelter

PDR Pop-Up Shelter

Things to Consider When Using this Mobile Shelter

This is very good as a repair shelter until you start getting winds around 15 to 20 miles per hour. I speak from experience and I have learned the hard way that there is a limit to what these shelters can take. I have broken a few and hung onto them in the wind, it turns into one big kite and can easily take off.  Worst case scenario is to damage the car that you are working on as these metal legs scrape down. So it is pretty much a good shelter in terms of setup which is done nice, quick and easy. 

Final Step

So I just run across to the van and get the weights that support these legs and whilst doing it we  can have a little workout as well.And now let us put it all back in the van.The gazebo set up took about four minutes to twenty on  the timer. It’s just quick if not quicker to put it back away again. So that's one of the pop-up shelters that I use. We also do sort of large repairs and some paint repairs . So we've got sizes that go around the whole thing which makes it like a mobile repair unit. Clearly a good workout as well!

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