There are brilliant questions about Paintless Dent Removal techniques and this time it is about leverage. It is important to understand the best ways to get leverage as pushing on dents can take a bit of a toll on the body. After a while if you're not doing it correctly it can play havoc on your body. It can be an occasional shoulder injury or elbow your forearm from  constantly pushing dents and not always being able to get the best leverage and the best body posture.


Ways to improve leverage

Ways to improve leverage

Here are three quick ways to give you more leverage to really make sure you can improve accuracy with your repairs. To take that pressure off your body and let the tools do the work so that your arms, shoulders, back and body is under a lot less strain when pushing. 

First Tip:  Use an ‘S’ hook and ring

This tool is used in basic skills training courses. You hook this toolbar into your hole and you've got it in your leverage. So when you're pushing dents you obviously leave them down on one arm and pushing up the tip onto the underside of a dent. You can just try those different leverage points. Generally with leverage we are looking for that good spot in the middle but number one is just to have a little play around with your leverage point. 

Second Tip: Use a Leverage Block

A leverage block, this is usually between 23lbs. to 30 lbs. It is good because it has ridges in it and you have a number of different ways to use it. If you need to work from the inside of a wing or real rear panel then you need to add a leverage block to give yourself a much better leverage to have access there. That really  takes the pressure off your arms as well. It’s also quite good if you can bend the bar to give yourself a lot more leverage in terms of the force being able to be applied to remove the dent.

Third Tip: Use a Bar with Screw Tips

If you're using a bar with like screw tips this will give us a system for the repair by simply  adding an extension. So, there are various different links you can get to add an extension. You can add as many of these as you need to. By having that extension on then you are effectively doing a similar process as bending that bar. It just opens up that gap to give you a lot more or leverage in there. 

To Conclude

So it is simple and straightforward, there are ways to create more leverage when pushing  dent repair. Learn the basics and progress in your PDR career. This will keep you working as a PDR Tech for many years to come. 

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