What is your customer worth to you?

​Pricing varies amongst every technician to technician, area to area, and country to country. The principle of a value that your customers’ worth to you is the same regardless of the cost of your PDR service. All customers but particularly the retail ones have a much bigger value than you may realise. So whatever you're charging for a job regardless of that I figure whether it's a hundred quid or thousand-pound has to  cost for the repair that you were doing at the time. What really matters is the good relationship between you and your customers. Being able to have a good relationship with that customer will definitely make them come back to you every time they have a dent.

PDR Customer Value

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. General conversations can be done through social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter so things like that. If the customer is pleased with your PDR service then obviously they're gonna be telling their colleagues,their friends their family about you and your services. They will be discussing how you were able to get rid of this dent and the value in there. 

So, it's not only just the job that you've been paid for in getting out that dent but these customers will be giving you praises and that really is huge! So as long as you're handling the relationship well coupled with excellent service then they're surely repeat business. Here you can really start to see that kind of  ripple effect. 

The very first job, very first phone call and first impression when you meet your customer is very important in building that relationship with them. Surely they will trust you and know that you're going to give them the best value and the best service.

Final Thoughts

The good concept here is to not just focus so much on the price of your PDR service which should be always right. But what's more important is making sure that your customer sees the value and they're gonna keep on coming back and tell all their friends and family about your excellent work.

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